Tachyon Healing

Tachyon Healing

Advanced Tachyon Technologies is a Quantum Healing System developed by the scientist David Wagner. The Tachyonisation process restructures natural materials at the sub-molecular level, creating permanent Tachyon antennas. Wagner’s ability to harness Tachyon Energy, and the scientific world’s ability to prove the outcome has initiated a new paradigm in holistic healing.

Tachyonised products work at a level beyond frequency which is the Quantum element of stillpoint or ‘beyond vibration and frequency’

The Tachyonisation breakthrough harnesses the infinite potential of Tachyon Energy in ways that benefit life on Earth and aid in elevating consciousness.

The client lies on a tachyon belt with discs and bars attached to the feet and body, while other deep healing techniques are applied. Using Tachyon is a powerful clearing and detoxification experience. Through the years there have been dozens of global research programs demonstrating the profound affects of Tachyonised materials. In 2010 a US patent was issued providing the only patented Tachyonised Material Testing Method.

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