Somatonic Deep Tissue Massage

Somatonic Deep Tissue Massage


Somatonic Deep Tissue Massage helps unite mind and body. The root of all our stress is fear. Fear is reflected in the body as stored tension and pain.

The body can be read as a map of our journey through life. Through the course of time, bodies that were once flexible and pliant become stiff and distorted. Energy centres close down through accumulated traumas and chronic stress. Our mind becomes ‘separated’ from our body. Breathing is restricted. Lactic and uric acid build up in muscles tissue. This creates more fear in the mind and a vicious cycle begins. For instance, whenever we are stressed our muscles contract in preparation for ‘flight or fight’. This includes the diaphragm which leads to shallow breathing. Habitual stress creates a diaphragm which is permanently tight preventing our lungs from taking in a full natural breath. It can become so chronic we think it is normal.

Somatonic Deep Tissue Massage can help us regain an effortless full breath called Pranayama in Sanskrit. We naturally breathe in pure life force that opens blocked energy channels. We can feel connected and unified with ourselves and everything around us. Enormous peace and well being can follow.

The first part of a Somatonic Deep Tissue Massage works by helping the energy flow through the main energy centres by consciously working either side of the spine, following the central nervous system, from the base to neck. All massage strokes are slow and conscious. As the practitioner finds a ‘knot’ or point of pain, contact is maintained to encourage heat and energy to flow to the restricted area. Points of tension mean energy cannot flow. Deep breathing can help vital energy to flow through the blockage.

Through the course of several treatments, the whole body can be worked, helping us to become more conscious of our body and the underlying fears that create the tension in the first place. Instead of restricting our breathing in response to stress we can learn to breathe more fully as we let go of pain and fear. At the same time we can liberate stuck muscle and ligament tissue.

The result is a revitalised flow of energy throughout the body. Pain and stiffness can disappear and we are replaced with wholeness in the body, clarity in the mind and happiness in our emotions.

Caroline Shaw has been a practitioner and teacher of deep tissue massage for over twenty five years and is ITEC registered.

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