“Anima” Soul Readings for Personal Guidance

“Anima” Soul Readings for Personal Guidance


This is a unique opportunity for you to find out more about yourself and to understand the root causes of any emotional or physical blocks you may be carrying. Release yourself from these restrictions and let your life expand with greater confidence and self-acceptance of who you are.

We all have certain behaviours depending on our upbringing, environment, culture, etc. When we become aware of these patterns, we can then work to free ourselves from these restrictions that we carry.

Once we gain knowledge of these patterns which often hold us back and prevent us from achieving our full potential, our mind-set changes and the old conditioning, fear and pain begin to dissolve. It allows us to be filled with a greater understanding, focus and inner peace.

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  • Andrea Carrani

    Andrea Carrini

    Andrea is a spiritual teacher and author who was born in Italy and educated at the Universities of Middlesex and South Bank. He studied meditation for almost 30 years under