Meditation (Transformational Meditation Programme)

Meditation (Transformational Meditation Programme)


“In the deep silence of your own being, discover your Divine Nature”

Meditation (beginners welcome) – A transformational journey into inner peace
This is such a unique opportunity to be uplifted and meet like-minded people, develop your confidence, spiritual knowledge, let go of fears that hold you back and grow in wisdom and inner strength.
His students experience life changing shifts, an inner awakening to the true power that lies within you. This powerful inner transformation brings a deeper happiness and fulfilment in your life.

Discover the inner peace within you and be the change you seek!

Contact Andrea to join the Transformational Meditation Group
or to book a one-to-one Guided Meditation Session to reduce stress and anxiety.
(No experience required)

07576 475244


  • Andrea Carrani

    Andrea Carrini

    Andrea is a spiritual teacher and author who was born in Italy and educated at the Universities of Middlesex and South Bank. He studied meditation for almost 30 years under