Kate Finn

Kate Finn

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Kate Finn BSc Ost (Osteopathy)

Kate is a registered osteopath with a background in Dance, Pilates equipment training, and Pilates mat work teaching. Kate has worked in both public and private practice in physical therapy for over 15 years, teaching and treating people from varied backgrounds and all ages and walks of life. She combines the best of osteopathy, massage therapy and Pilates based body work in order to challenge the fit and active, and to support those recovering from injury or living with chronic conditions.

Her work is renowned for being focused on individual need, inventive and highly effective at relieving pain and improving movement dysfunction. Kate holds a wealth of experience and theoretical knowledge which she uses to build a solid safe base from which to guide people with their structural health and fitness needs. She is able to impart complex information in an accessible way, ensuring maximum carry over into daily life.


Osteopathy a popular form of complementary medicine that offers an effective way to diagnose the causes of structural pain and dysfunction, and can address lower back and pelvis pain, hip and leg pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, arthritis, sports injuries and postural problems. As an osteopath, Kate is skilled at using various soft tissue and manipulative techniques to help heal your body and get you back to being active.


Pilates equipment based classes are tailored to your body’s individual needs. This offers an effective and low impact form of exercise to improve your bodies muscular balance, physical control and mobility. Kate’s high level of teaching experience and expertise makes you leave every class feeling great.


Physical therapy including massage, aims to restore optimal function of your muscles, bones and nervous system following injury and or illness. Kate’s approach is gentle and patient, following your pace. Her ‘hands on’ approach supports you to retrain your body and muscles whilst feeling safe and supported as you regain your mobility and quality of life.  She aims to help you manage the frustration and trauma surrounding injury and pain, enabling you to move on and make gains though safe, evidence based and structured programs.