Katalin Bizinger

Katalin Bizinger

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Visiting my practice gives you the opportunity to find the true cause of your skin condition, and gives you alternatives how you can manage the healthy appearance of your skin. I will also teach you how to support the natural healing process of your skin, so you don’t need to overuse heavy skin care products.

Myself as a skin care analysts set up your minimum skin care routine, which will least affect the natural homoeostasis of your skin. In my practice we use a customised combination of pharmaceutical grade cosmetic ingredients and pioneering nutritional supplements, that have been available in the UK for 30 years.

Mesotherapy is really intelligent and versatile method of therapy has become more and more popular in to UK. Mesotherapy is a good method for reducing the signs of time and letting us look younger and fresh without using the scalpel. During the procedure pharmaceutical grade cocktails are injected in the dermis layer of the skin, and naturally stimulate new collagen fibre growth below the surface of the skin.

Permanent cosmetic techniques ensure optimal balance to support harmony in your face. My work does not interfere directly with the shape of your face, but can create an optical effect to narrow or widen certain areas to increase visual harmony and therefore enhance your natural beauty. Are you considering to have permanent cosmetics applied such as lip color, eyeliner and eyebrow procedures to define and enhance your appearance?