Irina Yodanova

Irina Yodanova

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Irina trained gymnastics and acrobatics as a little girl. Later she became an actress after graduating the National Academy of Theater and Film Arts in Bulgaria.
In 2005 she attended her first yoga class and thought it was nothing special , but soon after that she experienced very stressful period in her life and discovered that yoga was the only tool to help her through it. Since then she enrolled on a course with BWY (British Wheel of Yoga).
She applies  Hatha yoga with elements of Ayurveda.
Her classes are suitable for beginners or advanced students who want to deepen their practice not only on physical but on spiritual level too.

The flow can be dynamic and/or relaxing, tailored according to the individual’s  needs.

She teaches to synchronise the breath with the movement so that the  practice becomes meditation in action.

She uses the sound of  the Tibetan Bowl in the beginning and at the end of the class to deepen our connection with the Self.