Holistic Wellness Coach

Holistic Wellness Coach


An Holistic Wellness Coach recognizes that all parts of your life are interconnected and in turn, impact on your health. They uphold that the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social and environmental elements that comprise a person’s life need to be balanced and seen as a whole.

Therefore an Holistic Wellness Coach will not only look at and treat ‘internal’ symptoms, such as physical and elements ailments, but also encourage the patient to acknowledge the ‘external’ factors in their life, such as work and relationships, and how they could also be impacting on health.

At all stages of treatment however, the emphasis is on the patient to find their own routes back to health in all aspects of their life, appreciating that each patient has their own unique qualities and innate sense of direction towards their highest potential.

The Coach may use and combine a number of different therapeutic modalities depending on the patient and their own skill base. For example they may combine acupuncture, yoga, meditation, nutritional advice and life and relationship coaching in order to best support the patient.

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