Havening is the new trauma treatment that Paul Mckenna is so excited about. It has the power to beat everything from stress about money, your job or family worries, but it can also be used to collapse the effects of ongoing trauma, anxiety, panic and deep-rooted phobias. It creates a chemical change inside the brain which undoes the coding of the trauma. In other words, it disconnects the feeling from the memory and frees you from anxiety by breaking down the negative emotion associated with the old experience.
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  • Tam Johnston

     Tam is a highly experienced full time coach with a constant stream of happy clients .whom have benefited from her expertise.  She has studied and gained qualifications in NLP to

  • Diane Beck

    Diane Beck is a Clinical Hypnotherapist. Diane is highly flexible, highly trained and generous in her approach. Diane’s unique blend of therapy techniques has earned her clients from all walks