Emotional Wellbeing Coaching

Emotional Wellbeing Coaching


Why did I create the Ollie Concept?


Simple. Children are not machines. Everything around mental health or
as I like to call it, Emotional Wellbeing is seriously over-engineered.
The success of the Ollie Model is simple………Keep it simple.

Alison Knowles trained to be a cognitive hypnotherapist purely out of
interest in the subject. It interested her so much she then trained in NLP
and then CBT and so it went on, giving her an extensive toolbox of
techniques and schools of thought to help her help just about anyone
who came to her clinic. Just about anyone except children. Alison
realised all her training, the language and the science behind it was way
beyond a child’s capacity to understand and to be fair most adults too!

So, simplicity is the key.

By using the Ollie concept, we can help kids leave unwanted emotional
baggage behind as they grow into adults.

The true power of this model is that it is strength focused, rather than
being a therapy model that tells you what you should do, it asks you
what you think you could do and gives you the tools to make the
changes that best suit you as an individual. As Ali says “some therapies
give you fish, the Ollie model teaches you how to fish!“

We’re so passionate about the fact that the Ollie Methodology is a
Holistic Personalised Approach. We understand nothing happens in
isolation and that that there is no ‘one size fits all’ method to empower
and support our children. We’re not precious about which techniques
we use, we will use whatever will work. Our coaches are trained in a
clever blend of methodologies that brings together NLP, CBT, EFT and
play therapy amongst others, to make sure our coaches can cover all
bases. They work alongside the adults in a child’s world to provide a
much-needed addition to the emotional health curriculum as well as
working directly with children who are struggling with their feelings.
The opening of the Ollie School has been a dream come true for Alison,
within a few weeks future Ollie Coaches will be trained by Alison and her
team at Regents College, London, adding to growing Ollie Army.

We are also so proud Alison has also been shortlisted for the prestigious
NLP in Education Award in May 2018. Being recognised by her peers
shows how Alison and Ollie and his Super Powers is making a
difference out there in the real world.

Mother Testimonial


Teacher Testimonial


Lovely words from the Assistant Headteacher of the school that Ali is working in in London. This is how Ollie can help at all levels – prevention as well as helping with issues that have already appeared, and supporting the staff as well as the pupils!

Posted by Ollie And His Super Powers on Friday, 3 November 2017

Ali Speaking

Ollie School

ColorfulRadio Interview

Delia Dolor Interview Alison Knowles

The fabulous Delia Dolor from Colourful Radio talks to Alison about Ollie and his Super Powers.For more information about becoming an Ollie Coach click here http://bit.ly/OllieProspectus

Posted by Ollie And His Super Powers on Sunday, 24 December 2017

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