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Elena Angel is the first to bring the Millennium Method, a radical Quantum healing and transformation technology, to the UK and Europe.

Founded by Jessica Taylor, the Millennium Method uniquely combines energy medicine, quantum physics and alchemy and addresses every aspect of the human experience in a holistic manner.

Now you can effortlessly enhance every area of your life:


and experience healing, freedom and fulfilment like never before.

The Millennium Method has affinities with the Yuen Method, Matrix Energetics, as well as with Chinese Traditional Medicine, Taoist Alchemy and biofeedback / bioresonance technologies. Additionally, it uses fractals as artificial templates that activate resolution of imbalances and holistic optimisation.

Combined with the Biomat, sessions help to unwind tensions and purify the body physically and energetically on a very deep level.  The Biomat is especially helpful for those experiencing chronic pain, autoimmune and inflammatory disorders.

Elena Angel employs the Millennium Method alongside a wide array of transformational tools in her acclaimed Ultimate Connection and Soulmate Coaching Sessions.

Elena helps you to:

Align with your highest purpose
Live a life full of meaning, opportunities and consistent rewards
Transform the way you relate
Manifest soulmate connections
Discover your strengths and unleash your creative potential
Experience deep fulfilment in life and in love

Sessions are powerfully insightful and support you to make important breakthroughs and achieve tangible results.

Elena Angel has been featured in The Sunday Times, Natural Health, Easy Living, Yoga Magazine, Psychologies, Soul and Spirit, Kindred Spirit, the Metro and numerous other publications.

Elena Angel offers sessions at the Charterhouse Clinic by appointment only.

Group and remote sessions also available.