Diane Beck

Diane Beck

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Diane Beck is a Clinical Hypnotherapist. Diane is highly flexible, highly trained and generous in her approach. Diane’s unique blend of therapy techniques has earned her clients from all walks of life including Actors and Celebrities, Judges, CEO’s, Surgeons. Diane also counts respected therapists and NLP trainers as past clients! Her intention is for solution-focussed for your ultimate wellbeing and is personalised to each client individually.

Her methods draw from the best available applications and include NLP, Hypnosis, Timeline Therapy*, Havening® (Amygdala Depotentiation Technique), TFT (original EFT meridian application, including Toxin Clearing and TFT-VT application), Reflective Repatterining (a new Energy Therapy and psycho-sensory therapy to neutralise polarity responses), Reiki, Laser – Low Level Light Therapy (A Cold Laser- Photo-biomodulation, Quantum Wave Laser for promoting ‘Still Point’ and ‘Neutrality’). In addition to her London clients, Diane runs her own therapy clinic Health-Success in Central Manchester with a focus on mind and body health. Health-Success Website: http://www.health-success.co.uk/

For Actors and Performers. Diane has a strong history of working with Performers.  The specialism in Confidence and Stage Fright comes from Diane’s training as an Actress at RADA. Diane’s experience from a career in the arts working at the RSC and the National Theatre, BBC amongst others provides her with an insider’s perspective. Diane designed and now provides a bespoke application of techniques for Actors and Performers around Character, Emotions, Stage Work, Energy, Removing Negative Character Emotions from Psyche and Body and much more.  With additional focus for boosting success in performance, eliminating Anxiety, Stage-Fright, Performance Fears or Phobias.

Her unique experience and industry knowledge combined with her high end Therapy applications means Diane is often in demand in the industry fro these techniques. Diane uses this specialism with Performers, Judges, Teachers, Speakers and those who are required to perform on demand with, pressured, consistent success.

For Clients wanting to eliminate Anxiety and Trauma: Diane trained with doctors Ronald Ruden and Steven Ruden in Havening Techniques® at the original London seminar with Paul McKenna in 2014 and incorporated the technique into her clinic ever since. Havening (also known as Amygdala Depotentiation Technique) is a Psycho-sensory Therapy that uses recently acquired knowledge in the field of Neuroscience. Havening Techniques® is designed to make changes to the brain to help de-traumatise the memory and remove encoded trauma and negative effects from the psyche and body. Havening Techniques® is a powerful modality and it is recommended is only applied by a certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner. My official page on their website can be found here: http://www.havening.org/directory/grid/practitioners-list-grid

Sessions are available at the Charterhouse clinic for:

Panic Attacks
Stage Fright and Performance Fears
Trauma (Including PTSD)
Addictions and Habits
Smoking Cessation
Exam Nerves
Executive Burnout
Psychosomatic Symptoms
Public Speaking/Presentation
Self Image/Body Dysmorphia
Sleep Disorders
Smoking Cessation
Weight Loss and Food Issues (Including Emotional Eating)
Energy Toxins and Clearing (Using Kinesiology and TFT Voice Technology)
 NLP Coaching and Life Coaching (excellent for  Goal Setting and Life Evaluation)
Light Therapy (Photobio-modulation) Quantum Wave Laser (The Quantum Wave Laser donates light to the mitochondria of the cells to wipe cell trauma memory) – Excellent for Wellbeing, Energy and specific issues on consultation. The laser can be programmed to Specific Frequencies including known RIFE Frequencies.
Reiki and Energy Therapy
Diane is CNHC and MNCH Registered.