Derek McKenzie

Derek McKenzie


Derek brings a significant depth of experience to his practice; he has worked with clients from a wide range of cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. He has worked in government funded drug and alcohol treatment charities, in private treatment centres and in 2014 established and ran an award winning rehab for people exiting the Criminal Justice System. Derek’s focus is now on his private practice – Mutual Dialogue.

Derek places deep significance upon genuinely understanding the difficulties you are experiencing and being able to clearly communicate this understanding to you. In doing so he adopts a collaborative approach in which he adapts his style in order to work most effectively with your individual needs.

He also places importance on taking an active role in the therapeutic relationship and in helping you to clarify and make sense of what has been affecting you and causing you pain. An existential perspective on life informs his personal approach but he is well versed in other major models of practice such as psychodynamic, person-centred and cognitive behavioural ways of working.

Derek has a sincere interest in how we as unique individuals interact, communicate and generally get along with each other when faced with the constant pressures of daily life.

Individuals = Start from £50 – £70 (50 mins)

Couples = Start £70 (50 mins) £90 (75 mins)