Alcohol Control

Alcohol Control

Alcohol and drugs are psychoactive substances. They act in the brain, and their effects represent changes in neurological functioning. Neurofeedback (also called EEG biofeedback) trains the brain to modulate its level of activity, as some alcoholics have been found to produce less alpha and theta brainwaves, they can learn how to produce more of these frequencies and hence the need and craving to drink is reduced.

Alpha Theta brainwaves are the frequencies associated with deep relaxation, it is a relaxed yet alert state.

In 1989 Eugene Peniston and Paul Kulkosky did the first study with aclocholics. The results where successful,their findings were shown to be significant for experimental subjects who were compared with traditionally treated alcoholic subjects and non-alcoholic control subjects. Alpha-theta brainwave neurofeedback training appears to have the potential for decreasing alcohol craving and relapse prevention

Neurofeedback is the perfect compliment to any other treatment you are having. Hypnotherapy, counselling and coaching is also an option available at The Charterhouse Clinic.

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