Aesthetic Permanent Makeup

Aesthetic Permanent Makeup


Permanent make-up treatments always start with a full consultation by one of our expert practitioners, identifying exactly what it is the patient is looking to achieve and then advising on the best way to get there. This is followed by a thorough skin and tone assessment before a treatment plan is agreed together and we start any procedure.

Permanent Eyebrows – Why worry about constantly working on beautifully shaped eyebrows when you can wake up every morning with perfect ones. Whether it is full replacement or simple enhancement this key beauty feature focuses the attention on your eyes and has a stunning effect on your looks; adding delicacy and shine to your face or simply taking off the years.

Permanent Eye Makeup- Today’s hectic lifestyles mean that often people either apply their eyeliner in a hurry, often badly, or don’t bother at all. This why so many are turning to the option of permanent makeup. This treatment has also improved the quality of life and heightened the self-confidence of those who have difficulty with the daily routine of putting on makeup because of their various disabilities. So whether you are a regular at the gym who does not want to constantly reapply, a busy professional to whom time is important, or someone who deserves to be beautiful everyday but finds putting on eyeliner too difficult a task, then come and ask for our expert advice.

Eyebrow Corrections – Of all the aesthetic treatments, eyebrows have the most impact as they determine facial expression and balance of facial features. Unfortunately not all micro-pigmentation practitioners understand facial aesthetics and think the same or a standard eyebrow shape works for everybody. Our practitioners fully understand how to make the most of your eyebrows to suit you and make the most of your face. You do not need to live with ‘bad brows’ as we are experienced in the area of removal and correction. However, any type of tattoo removal carries a risk of infection and scarring so the need to use an experienced practitioner for this procedure is essential.

Lip Enhancements – Clients are always amazed at the results of our lip enhancement treatments.There are various types of treatments available to add richness, colour and shape to your lips, from strong or subtle lip line definition through to lush full colour enhancements.



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