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Aesthe Beauty Clinic Team has more than 27 years of experience in anti-aging, non-invasive facial treatments for both ladies and gentlemen!


Plasma Pen by Louise Walsh International is the world’s leading, most advanced and sought-after plasma device for non-invasive soft-surgery, fibroblasting sublimation treatment, non-surgical blepharoplasty, dynamic skin-lifting, skin-tightening and rejuvenation.

This treatment is highly effective in wrinkle smoothing, eyelid tightening and eyelid hood reduction. Plasma Pen is the safest and most validated device in its class. It treats, repairs, lifts, regenerates and rejuvenates skin and also reduces and plumps out lines and wrinkles.
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is luxurious French cosmetics which is known world-wide. We offer two powerful anti-aging treatments:


Anti-Aging Control System. A new sophisticated and high-performance method that can protect the skin and stimulate its vital functions. In the GENXSKIN treatment we are going to use all the energy potential of a powerful and innovative agent, capable of stimulating vital cutaneous functions with the aim of restoring the “triangle of beauty”.

GENXSKIN Anti-Ageing Facial Treatment uses a cosmeto-genomics approach to stimulate and reactivate 14 of our youth-giving genes, including those responsible for collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, delivering tighter and younger looking skin.


High performance line reducer. Medical-cosmetic injections are very widespread in the beauty world, providing an answer to the needs of modern women who want rapid solutions to facial skin damage over time. Several types of injection are available, the best-known being: Botulinum Toxin Injection, Hyaluronic Acid Injection, Mesotherapy Microinjections. It is the innovative combination of 3 hi-tech active ingredients that act rapidly on facial wrinkles.

  1. “No Age VXN” antioxidant that slows wrinkle formation.
  2. “BTX” synaptic agent that relaxes skin contraction, leading to wrinkle smoothing.
  3. High molecular weight hyaluronic acid to fill the wrinkle.


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Alena & Nikoleta, Aesthe Beauty Clinic Team